How to add the call button to WordPress based website without installing the plugin

Please do not despair, if you've faced some issues while installing th "Excitel - Click to call" plugin! There is one more fairly simple way to add the call button to your WordPress site.

Follow these steps to avoid working with the plugin:

1. Log in your WordPress website admin panel;

2. Select Appearance->Widgets in WordPress panel:

WordPress panel

3. Select the “Text” type of widget :

type of widget

4. Drag widget to any place on the website:

any place of the site

5. Select the appropriate button design by clicking the "Change button" link:

link at will

6. Copy the button code by selecting it with a mouse and then press Ctrl+C combination or choose "Copy" in context menu (appears on pressing the right mouse button):

after pressing the right mouse button)

7. Paste the code into the Content field of the “Text” widget :

field of the “Text” widget

8. Apply changes by clicking "Save".

9. After the page refresh you will see the call button on your website:

call button on your website

But such way of call button installing has one disadvantage: an empty appears on the page after adding a text box:

adding a text box

You need to find this block and make it invisible to avoid this. That is very easy to do:

1. Find the code of this element using your browser:

- Opera:

- Opera

- Google Chrome:

- Google Chrome

- Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox

2. Find its id in the element code :

the element code

3. Select Appearance->Editor in WordPress panel:

Editor in WordPress panel

4. Find style.css file:

Find style.css file

5. Add this code into the end of the file:

#text-2 {

display: none;


Replace “text-2” with the text widget id (which you found it in the code using web browser):

using the web browser

6. Apply changes by clicking "Update File". Done!

Now go to your website and check the result. An empty block has disappeared.