Compare plans

    yearly monthly
    per month
    per year
    Quantity of simultaneous lines for calls

    Maximum number of simultaneous calls. E.g. if you choose a plan with two lines, 2 managers will be able to answer 2 calls simultaneously while the rest of the callers get message informing that all operators are busy.

    1 unlimited unlimited
    Internet connection time limit

    Number of minutes for calls via Internet is not restricted. Managers will be able to talk to website visitors and to each other for free around the clock if the call is taken in WebPhone or SoftPhone.

    unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Widgets quantity

    Maximum number of widgets that you can install in your account under tariff plan selected. You can install one widget and manager to answer calls or you can install a number of widgets on different pages so that webvisitor could contact particular department directly.

    1 2 unlimited
    Operators quantity

    The maximum number of operators who will be able to receive and make calls

    1 to 10 on request
    Delimiting of operator's working time

    You can customize working days and working hours for operators. During non-working days/hours voicemail will work.


    In non-working hours service offers visitors to leave voice message. You can listen the recorded voice message in your personal account during 30 days.

    Call recording

    Records of calls will be useful if it is necessary to ascertain some information or to control the work of operators

    Call forwarding within the system

    The call can be forwarded to another manager who is more competent in the current question

    Сallback order

    During non-working hours the visitor of site can leave his\her telephone number for you to call him\her later

    Сustomizable greeting

    You can set the message which caller will hear after initiation of the call

    Setting of virtual phone numbers

    We will help you to select and set a virtual phone numbers (SIP trunk) to make and receive calls in any country

    GSM-gate connection

    We will help you to select and set a special device (GSM gateway) for forwarding calls on mobile number through SIM card

    Call forwarding to a mobile number

    Get calls from the site directly on your mobile number

    Flexible routing

    Allows you to redirect the call to several operators at once, for the fastest connection

    - -
    Call statistics

    Statistics on the widget contains history of all calls. System records the calls duration and time they were made, the region they were made from and displays the link to call recordings.

    Data export to MS Excel

    If it is necessary you can export all the data in MS Excel calls report

    Chat with option for file exchange

    Share with text messages and files during the call

    Call history

    You can look through all callback orders, answered and missed calls and listen to all call records

    Form sending during the call

    Operator can create fill-out forms to send them later to callers during the call as necessary

    Access to additional caller data via API

    An operator can see what region the call comes from and caller's ID during the call

    Multilanguage interface

    If it is necessary we can translate the interface into other languages

    Customizable widget design

    Our editor allows you to customize the appearance of call buttons in accordance with design of website and your corporate identity

    Dedicated server

    If you need to create virtual PBX load of 50 simultaneous lines or more we will provide you with a dedicated server

    - - on request
    Technical support
    Via email

    You can ask questions concerning the service via e-mail at any time

    Via phone

    You can ask questions concerning server configuration or functionality calling from our site during our working hours

    Advanced support

    Tell us if there is a need for wider support. We will consider possible options.

    - -
    Integration with Google Analytics account

    Allows you to monitor the impact of online calls for website traffic and the conversion of visitors

    - on request on request
    Integration with Yandex Metrika account

    Allows you to monitor the impact of online calls for website traffic and the conversion of visitors

    - on request on request
    iOS / Android support

    You can manage calls using special iOS / Android app

    Payment options
    • By card
    • E-payment
    • Bills

    On any questions about payment options for service you may contact us at

    On any questions about payment options for service you may contact us at

    Frequently asked questions
    How to start using the service?
    Register or login via social networks to take advantage of the "starting" tariff. You will be available to an unlimited number of minutes of communication over the Internet, the ability to connect up to 10 operators and receive two simultaneous calls.
    How to add "Call" button to my website?
    In your profile go to tab "Widgets" -> "HTML code". Copy the HTML code and paste it to your website code before </body> tag
    How to adjust line for calls?
    One should perform certain easy actions, described in "Installation manual". You can also watch the presentation "How to adjust line for calls in Excitel".
    Which plan will suit me best?
    If you want to receive and make calls only on a softphone or vebfon - suitable tariff "Start". If you want to make and receive calls to mobile numbers - choose standard or corporate tariff plan.
    How to pay for the service?
    You can pay for online call service by writing to us to
    What will happen if my website users use all available minutes in my plan?
    If your website users use all minutes available in your plan, your account will be transferred to pay for minutes payment in case you have funds on your account. In case the account does not have funds, clients will not call you in one click from the browser.
    Can I change my plan or refuse from service usage?
    You can switch between plans or refuse from service at any moment. To do that, please write to us to
    What to do if the button "Call" does not operate?
    On all questions related to functioning of "Call" button please write to us to, with description of the problem you have.
    What to do if the voice is transmitted with low volume?
    In case your voice is transmitted with low volume, please check your sound card settings. For that please perform the following:
    1. Start -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Speakers or Headphones.
    2. Under the tab of device management (headphones/speakers) press the button "Properties" -> "Levels" tab. If there is a scroll box to adjust the mic level – move it to the right. Check the sign of sound not to be crossed.
    3. Under the "Recording" tab for microphone management press the button "Properties" -> "Levels" tab, move the sound level scroll box to the right and ensure the sound sign not to be crossed.
    4. Apply changes and keep making online calls from the website in one click.
    You can watch a detailed description with screenshots "What to do if the voice is transmitted with low volume"
    How to perform call routing in 3CXPhone?
    When you get an online call from the website to 3CXPhone you can route it to a different manager.
    1. If you want to route the call from the website directly to a different specialist, please:
    - press "Transfer" button;
    - dial the number of the required manager on the keypad;
    - press the green call button on the right.
    2. If you want to communicate with the manager before online call rerouting please:
    - choose free line "Line 2" to automatically hold the user call;
    - dial the number of the specialist on the keypad;
    - press the green call button and ask your question;
    - to connect the user with the chosen manager, press the "Transfer" button;
    - press the button "Line 1" which will blink.
    Online call of customer from the website will be transferred.
    You can watch a detailed description with screenshots "How to perform call routing in 3CXPhone?"
    What is the GSM gateway?
    GSM Gateway - a device that allows you to make calls from fixed phones to mobile phones via the SIM card of lower tariffs.
    What is WebPhone?
    WebPhone - phone emulator tab browser, do not need to install any additional software. WebPhone developed by our team, allows you to receive calls from the call button on the online website, call up within the company.