Privacy Policy

Excitel Privacy Policy 

About Excitel

Excitel is a global provider of cloud communications. We offer a complete and unique communication tool which includes voice, voicemail, text, conferencing and other collaboration solutions. We provide our best communications services in programmable modules delivered via the Excitel API which enables our customers to integrate these services into their own website, CRM or CMS systems and customize them according to their business needs.


Types of information we may collect

There are four ways we can obtain and process information about you:

The information you provide to us yourself

When you sign up for a demo of Excitel products and services, create an account to use our services, send an inquiry, or interact with us in any other way that requires your personal details, we may ask you to share them with us. We may need the following information about you:  name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, job title, company name, or payment information. When you address our support team, we may also gather your contact information, documentation, screenshots, or other data that can be used while solving the issue. Note that your communication with Excitel representatives via phone may be recorded for the purpose of improving our services and products.

Information we gather automatically when you browse our website

When you visit our website, we track and capture how you interact with our content, advertisements, along with technical details like cookies, IP address, device you use for browsing, and other (e.g., screen width, web beacons etc.). You can find more detailed information about our Cookie Policy in the relevant section of this document.

Information shared with us by third parties

We may also receive information about you from the third party sources. These are:

  • Social media platforms and third-party services. In case you sign up for our services or log into your existing account, using your personal profile from a third-party service, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yandex or, or if you connect your social media profile to our services in any other way, we can collect some personal details from those social media platforms, namely your interests, “likes,” email address, and friends list. We use such information only for the sake of creating personalized experiences for you along with improving our communications and services. If you do not want to share any data, mentioned above, you can opt to prohibit access in your social media profile settings. Some of our partners, such as CRM systems or other software, integrated with our products, can also share with us your personal information.
  • Credit bureaus. Excitel may gain access to your credit data from the relevant third party companies. We do that to prevent any possible financial risks when we onboard new customers.
  • Demographic, professional data, and information about your interests. We can get your personal details from external companies which capture customer information, such as demographic data or information about your interests. This information may contain your job title, company you currently work for, your business email or phone number. We collect this data to personalize our marketing communications with you and deliver you relevant offers, based on your preferences.
  • Information about the users of our customers. Excitel may also obtain personal information about our customers’ users from both our customers and other third parties, such as message senders, mobile network carriers, databases that contain information, related to the phone numbers you have submitted at our website, etc. This information may consist of, but not limited to phone numbers, device type (e.g., smartphone, landline, etc.), current device availability (e.g., whether it is turn on or not), roaming status, mobile network operator, country of residence, etc.

Information we collect while you are using services at Excitel platform

Together with our service providers, we can obtain information related to your usage of the services at our platform:

  • Information about your interactions on our platform. This data contains such details as time and duration of interactions, source and destination identifiers, completion status, location, IP address, and a number of interactions.
  • Content, delivered in the process of communication. In order to ensure smooth usage of our services, as well as establishing a connection via our platform, we need to process the content you use in our communication channels, like messaging, calls, voicemails, as well as call recordings.

The reasons we capture your data and the ways we use it

Further processing and usage of the collected information depend on which of the Excitel services you use, the way you use them, or any additional options you might have specified. On our side, we never use any personal details to your detriment. Below, you can find a list of reasons for capturing your data.

For services provision

We collect and use your information to enable delivery of the services in full and on time. This relates to connecting you with the end customer, handling your transactions, identifying you during authentication process when you access your account on our platform, providing technical support, and sustaining our products and services.

We also require your personal data to send you information, related to the services provided, such as registration confirmation, email with password update, payment notifications, reminders about package expiration, messages about features updates, security alerts, and other service notifications.

To perform basic activities, related to services delivery

To provide our services according to the highest industry standards, we can need your private information for executing the following:

  • Processing payments and accounting, comprising handling records in case of any payment concern
  • Preventing possible data leaks, unauthorized databases access, or violations of our policies, as well as terms and conditions of use
  • Quality assurance, problem-solving, and monitoring
  • Tracking the performance of our software products.

To improve and develop our services

We always strive to make our services better, more credible, secure, and easier to use. That is why we monitor data, related to your usage of our products and services in order to see what can be enhanced. For example, we can use information about delivered messages or connection quality for estimation of our routing performance which, in its turn, will allow to guarantee a stable connection, as well as eliminate any possible issues.

Additionally, we can use your personal data to figure out if our services are beneficial to you, how do you like them, whether you find our marketing campaigns interesting and useful. Besides, we can track how you use our website to make sure it is convenient and easy to comprehend. In terms of that, some third parties may access your personal data as well, for instance, Google Analytics.

To provide our services within the law

Some cases of data collection and processing may fall under legislative acts and laws, like mandatory data retention laws, etc.

To protect our company’s legal rights

When your personal data can serve to secure our company’s legal rights, as well as legitimate interests of the other people, we may use it during judicial proceedings, to handle legal claims, likewise to comply with applicable regulations, and non-disclosure agreements, related to any of the business operations.

We use your data only with your official consent

If any regulatory acts require your willful consent, we will always ask you for it. It may relate to the preparation of some marketing materials and making them public. These may include, but not limited to showreels or video production, customer reviews or case studies, among others.


How we use data from EEA users

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires organizations like ours to provide lawful bases for collecting, processing, and using your data. Thus, our lawful bases to capture and use information from our EEA users are as follows:

  • We need it for the services delivery, along with performing basic activities related to all our products and services.
  • We need it to provide our services within the law and comply with all applicable regulations.
  • We have a justifiable reason (which does not contradict to your data protection interests), e.g., to improve and promote our services, as well as to protect our legal rights and interests.
  • We capture and process your sensitive data only upon your consent.

Who we share your information with and why

There are some cases when may share your information with the following third parties:

  1. Service providers that partner with us and help us to deliver our services to you, as well as run our business. These may be:
  • Communications providers. Being the communications provider ourselves, we may share the data we gather from you with other communications providers if it is needed for providing you our services. These may be the telecommunications companies we partner with to guarantee your calls and messages are delivered to the people you want to reach out to.
  • Contractors. We also work with vendors who provide us with a number of services we cannot do in-house and which can require your data, like hosting, maintenance, external databases, virtual infrastructure, payment systems, analytics, etc. We carefully select each of our contractors and sign a non-disclosure agreement with them, under which they are obliged to protect your data and use it solely for the purposes for which it was shared.
  1. External websites. Some of our services can contain links with a redirection to external websites which have their own confidentiality approach. If you share any personal information with those websites, it falls under their privacy policies. To protect yourself from the unauthorized use of your private information, before accepting any terms and conditions or providing any data to the third party websites, we recommend you to study their privacy policies.
  2. To comply with law enforcement demand, as well as to protect our rights. Your personal data can be disclosed:
  • If requested by the government
  • Because it is related to any legal process
  • If any applicable law or regulation demands it
  • If it can do harm to Excitel company, our products, and services, as well as to our customers
  • In order to enforce our agreements, policies and service terms.
  1. After we obtained your consent. We may also share your personal data with external websites and other third parties with your consent. For instance, we may publish reviews you leave about our services on our official website in order to confirm that you validly exist. In case you represent a company that uses our services, we may make public your company’s name along with your title and phone number.
  2. Issuers and acceptors of communications. In terms of providing you with our services, we may display your name and phone number to the recipients of your calls and messages, as well as to other users who will contact you. The kind of information displayed is determined by the type of service you use—in some cases, you can change privacy settings in the mobile application or your personal account, or by sending a request to our support team.
  3. For credit checks. If you are a new customer, we may audit your credit rating in order to avoid the possible risk of non-payment for our service. In case you have failed to pay in time or have not paid at all, we can share your name and other personal information with the corresponding agencies. In its turn, they can use it to access your credit history and disclose it to other relevant companies.

How we secure your information

We have applied administrative, physical, and technical security levels to ensure that personal data we broadcast and handle is protected. Despite this fact, like any other service that operates with public internet on the background, we cannot guarantee you 100% security. Accordingly, you agree that some third party may gain unauthorized access to your account and personal details. For this reason, we recommend to store your password safely and inform us instantly once you think that it was compromised. Mind that you take the responsibility for any communications from your account, even if the other person has accessed it.


How we store your information

Excitel stores, handles, and processes the information you have shared with us on the computers situated in Ukraine.

If you live in the EEA, Excitel may transmit and store your data in other locations outside the European Economic Area. These locations, including Ukraine, may be governed by different from this data protection laws. When you create an account on our platform, or use our services, or send us an inquiry, we transmit your information to Ukraine in order to enable execution of our agreement with you or to respond to your inquiry.

Consequently, by signing up or using our services, you give your consent to transmit your information to Ukraine, where our headquarters are located, as well as abroad where we and/or our service providers operate, and to our (and their) storage and use as specified in this Privacy Policy and any applicable terms of service or other agreement between you and Excitel. There may be some special cases when we need to obtain your official consent for transmitting your information to some other countries. If you do not give us permission when we request for it, we may fail to provide you the services under our agreement.  Please note that Ukrainian data protection regulations may differ from those in your country.

In case we need to transmit your information outside the EEA, we will take all necessary steps to guarantee that your data is governed by relevant laws and regulation and that anyone who has access to it, treats it securely and without any violations of this Privacy Policy.

Cases when we share your data with the third parties outside the EEA

Some of our contractors which provide us with services according to the agreements, are located overseas. The countries they are based in may have different data protection laws, compared to those in the country of your residence. If you are an EEA user and we share your information with those third parties, we comply with data transfer mechanisms that are legally recognized. These mechanisms can include the EU-Ukraine Privacy Shield Frameworks, the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses, binding corporate rules for transfers to data processors, or other appropriate legal mechanisms to protect data transmissions.


The period for retaining your personal information

We retain your personal data as long as it is needed to supply you with the services under the agreement, or until we need it for other purposes we collected it for. The data retention time can vary, which is determined by the services you use or the type of such data. When we no longer need your personal information for these purposes, we remove or anonymize it. Otherwise, if it is not possible to delete your data (for instance, if it is backed up in the archives), we will protect its storage and restrict any further usage until the removal is made possible. We can also extend this data retention period for the purpose of making research in order to improve our services delivery. In such case, your data is absolutely anonymized and your identity cannot be associated with this information.

Information about your account

We retain information about your account until you use it, and for a reasonable time after if you decide to regain access to it. Besides, we store some of your personal data that is needed to fulfill our legal obligations, operate under agreements, resolve disputes, maintain business processes, as well as to improve our services personalization and delivery.

Information about your usage of our services

If you are using our services, we keep the information about your usage of our communication channels. Usually, such information is produced as a result of your activities on our platform or websites. We store it as long as we need it to provide you with the services under agreement and for a reasonable period after the agreement expiry until it is necessary for fulfilling our legal obligations, disputes resolution, agreements execution, business processes handling, and for improvement of our services.

Web beacons, marketing data, and cookies

We keep data retrieved from cookies and other monitoring tools for a reasonable time since it was collected.


How to access and control your information

Your preferences

Be sure to contact us if you want to delete your Excitel account. Please note that if we remove it, you will instantly lose access to your profile and data in it, which was generated while you were using our services. Still, some pieces of information may be retained on Excitel servers in an anonymized form, which means it is not associated with your identity. Likewise, we do not delete data from your account if it is required by legal regulations. If you use an application, supported with our technology on the background, you will need to make a special request to the application provider to remove your personal information related to this application, which is governed by this application provider’s privacy policy.

Access to your personal account data

According to the relevant data protection laws and regulations, we treat all your written requests for accessing or editing personal data in your account (like name, address, billing information etc.) with a lot of care. You should make sure that information you provide to Excitel is always up-to-date. To make any necessary amendments, you can access this data in your personal account or send us an inquiry, as specified in this Privacy Policy. If any applicable law requires it, we may charge a fee to handle such requests from you, as well as put limitations on the number of requests you can make yearly. Our records retention policy governs your right to update and change your personal data.

The rights you have as an EEA user

If you reside in one of the countries from the EEA, you can have supplementary rights, such as:

  • Get an archive with the data we store about you
  • Ask for amendments or deletion of your personal information we retain
  • Appeal to limit your personal data processing (during the investigations of any issues related to such information)
  • Request to cease your information processing, as well as to cease marketing communications
  • Ask for your personal information transfer to any third party

As soon as we process your information only after we obtain your official consent, you can recall your consent whenever you want to by sending us a corresponding written inquiry. If you want to request us to cease using your data in any marketing communications or restrict sharing it with any third parties for their marketing purposes, you can also send us an inquiry, even though you might have agreed to it previously.

You may use the above-mentioned rights at any time by directing us a written request. In case you think we have not satisfied your request, you can contact your local data protection authority.


Additional important information

Children’s personal information

Excitel does not provide any services for children, that is why we do not collect intentionally any data from the people under eighteen. If you feel that a child or teenager has disclosed his or her personal data to us, be sure to inform us at once.

Privacy Policy updates

In case we update or amend this Privacy Policy, we will publish an official notice on our website to inform you about that. If any significant changes are made, which impact the algorithms and rules of personal data processing, we will let you know about that via email you have specified in your account, through our website or platform, or via other communication channels.


Cookies and tracking notice

A cookie is a small piece of data, saved on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone in a form of a text file in order to improve your user experience, while you are using our service or browsing our website. Excitel or our contractors can use such cookies and similar tracking tools, such as web beacons, device screen size, fingerprint, etc. on our website and, if needed, in our mailing campaigns.

Cookies also serve us to monitor user activity, do research, help you return to the registration page you have browsed previously, as well as to personalize our marketing materials and enhance our services. For example, we can use web beacons on our websites to set up and access cookies, likewise to follow your user journey in order to define if website navigation is intuitive. Web beacons provide us your IP address, information about your browser, and about a time when you have viewed the web beacon. We can also use them in our mailing campaigns to track open rates and adjust our marketing communications to your personal needs in the future.

Below, you can check the cases when we and our contractors can use cookies or other tracking tools, along with the explanation of the purposes of such usage.

In case of exigence

Due to cookies and other monitoring tools, we can identify you when you come back to our service. It enables us to handle your session, which, in its turn, facilitates your navigation, simplifies any activities in your account (like viewing call details, accessing your shopping basket, making payments etc.), as well as improves overall user journey.

To manage website tags through a user-friendly interface instead of lines of code, we use a third-party service, named Google Tag Manager. Tags help us to monitor website traffic, estimate the efficiency of our marketing activities and advertising campaigns, adjust our remarketing and make targeting even more precise, as well as to optimize our website and services.

Google Tag Manager is used only to set up tags, which means it does not use cookies and, thus, does not record your personal data. We include it in our Privacy Policy to ensure the transparency of our services and tools we use to deliver them.

For performance monitoring and analytics capturing

The cookies, along with other tracking tools, capture data about your activity on our websites, which is helpful to make our services personalized and relevant. With the help of cookies, we can monitor unique visitors and differentiate what site page they came from. This allows for identifying the demand and leads origin and, as a result, enables to optimize our websites for you to easily find the necessary information, depending on your previous preferences.

To optimize our websites, based on your data, we use Google Analytics that is a third-party service provider. Google Analytics applies cookies in order to better understand your behavior on the website. The data it collects via cookies (with your IP address included), is transferred to and stored on the Google servers in the USA. Google retains such data to estimate how you use the website, to generate reports for website owners about their website performance, likewise to offer website owners other relevant services, associated with their website and online activities. In case you want to cease storage and processing of such data by Google, you can download and install the browser plug-in.

For facilitation of your user experience

The cookies we collect, along with other alike tracking tools, keep information about the preferred language or types of communication channels you choose. They also enable auto-filling of the forms on our websites, as well as tailoring of the web pages content.

For personalized advertisements

The cookies and other tracking tools monitor and record your sessions on our websites, pages you have browsed, and links you have followed. We use this information according to your preferences in order to tailor our website to your needs. We can also transfer this information to the third parties for the similar purposes. These third parties may use such data in the long run, namely information about your activities on our websites or services, and location, based on your IP address, likewise other personal information of yours, which helps to display you advertisements about our products and services, depending on your interests.

The third parties that enable those advertisements display have their own privacy policies, which may differ from Excitel Privacy Policy. To get more information about these third-party ads networks, check YourAdChoices, and if you reside in one of the EEA countries, visit Your Online Choices. You will need to apply your preferences on all the devices you use.


How to control cookies

If you want to remove or control cookies, you can follow the guide from The service allows for deleting cookies, which are stored on your computer and helps to adjust your browser settings in order to prohibit the creation of cookie files. This may result in the necessity to adjust your permissions each time you browse the same website, as well as lead to poor functioning of some services. Note that you cannot opt out of cookies which are crucial for providing some services. If you do not specify your preferences, we can also remind you additionally about cookies on our website.