Privacy policy

This section gives full information about Privacy policy and explains how Excitel (hereinafter - "We", "Developer", " Excitel Team " - the Excitel service creator and owner) uses and protects information and data provided by you in the process of service exploitation.


Service description


The developer provides the option for calling via web browser. Our service allows you to chat with other people through voice and/or other forms of communication.


Information using


Excitel Team in no way uses or intends to use in the future, any personal information or its part, which was got from you during the use of the Service, and does not transmit it to third parties without your explicit consent, given in the course of using the Service in the form of appropriate settings.

Providing that We or our units are in any way transferred to another owner (sell, merge, etc.), We reserve the legal right to transfer all data about our users to a third party who becomes the owner of the Service. If this situation occurs, an appropriate announcement will be made on the main page informing the users about the changes and suggesting to change their privacy settings.


The information provided and its use


Personal information is the information which is necessary for the Service to identify you and to provide with Services. Personal information includes username and password, email address and other registration data.

We do not provide and pass this personal information to any third party. It is used by Excitel team solely for the purpose of organizing your access to the Service and for marketing analysis.

All your messages sent to us via e-mail or feedback form, are available only for Excitel employees.

Excitel team reserves the right to conduct polls and surveys among our customers. These surveys are necessary for us to improve the Service, and all the information collected will be used solely for this purpose. In addition, these data can be used as a basis to offer you new Services to which you have expressed an interest.

Excitel collects information about the number of calls, calls length, called numbers and calls content. We do not provide these data to any third party.


System information


No special software installation is required to use Excitel Services. On behalf of the Excitel team you will not be prompted to install any software on your computer.


The protection of your data


The team uses advanced security technologies and stores personal information collected in secure databases.


The deletion of personal data


To delete your personal information or its part please contact us through the feedback form provided on the website of the service.


Changes to this privacy Policy


Excitel team reserves the right to change the terms of this privacy Policy when that is necessary. We will notify you of such changes on our website.