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You get Free plan automatically after registration on our site.


Benefits you get under Free plan:


  • connection of one operator with system (i.e. 1 person will be able to receive calls from your website);
  • ability to listen to conversations with customers;
  • the ability to download a report with detailed statistics about calls via Excel;
  • saving on communication services (calls from your website are free for you and for your clients);
  • making calls using new modern way of communication - calls from site, without use of ordinary phone. To make a call from your site user doesn’t need to install any programs or hardware (having a microphone and headphones/speakers is enough);
  • saving clients’ time (the client spends less time searching for needed information contacting your manager);
  • increasing of the number of customer orders processed (the consultant can handle 2-3 times more orders, talking to a client on the phone than chatting with him\her);
  • increasing trust and loyalty of customers (they know that at any moment, if something is unclear, they can click on the website button and talk to manager).


If you need more functions (more operators, multiple working lines for receiving calls, more sites, connecting GSM gateway) - you can choose another, more functional rate.


To set “Call” button for calls from the site and to communicate with customers absolutely for free we recommend you to follow these steps.


Step 1

Install button on the website


A few ways you can set up a button on the website:


Consider installation button on the website by adding the HTML code in detail:


1) Go to the Sites page


2) Choose a button design:



3) Save changes and return to Sites:



4) Copy the button code by clicking on “Copy”:



Or just copy it using key combination Ctrl+C.


5) Insert button code before closing tag on your website and save changes.


6) Go to home page and check whether the button appeared on the website.


Step 2

Authorize the operator


In order to communicate with customers who call from your website, you need to authorize the operator:

  • using your browser WebPhone or
  • using the program on computer or phone – SoftPhone.


Step 3

Click the call button on your website and try to make call


Ready! You have performed all settings steps and it is possible to call you from your site!