On-line call.
From your website. Absolutely free.
Communication with customers is much easier now!
No matter where your client is at this time: at home, at work, on the way, in your town or even in another country.
One click - and he immediately talks to you.
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Are you ready for a huge number of customers?
How does it work?
You can get a new level of communication with customers
  • +
    Call from browser;
    Call to mobile phone;
    Unlimited number of Internet calls;
  • +
    Call flow;
    Working hours;
    Voice mail;
    Redirection of calls
  • +
    Call from web-phone,
    soft-phone, office ip-phone;
    Integration with CRM;
    Access to the platform API;
  • +
    Calls statistics;
    Call recording;
    Extended information
    about users.
The best solution for small and medium business Installation manual
Only 1 person
can receive calls and
technical support
for installation
For free
The best solution for small business
Up to 10 persons
can receive calls
from 3 different websites
redirection of calls
to internal numbers,
office IP-phone
calls statistics,
call recording,
additional information about the caller from your website (API)
technical support
for installation
per month
Buy now
The best solution for small
and medium business
You have an opportunity
to create your own business
logic. Tariff
is suitable for large clients.
Access to the
platform API.
per year
Send a request to e-mail enterprise@excitel.net and we will discuss with you
all the options
for using
the service