Instructions for configuring site for receiving calls


In order for your customers can make a call from the site to operator or manager of your company site you need to do the following settings:


1. Log into your personal account by clicking the "Login" button or register by clicking the "Registration".

Don’t forget to confirm your registration! To do this click the link in the received message. If you are registering by clicking on social networks icon you don’t need to confirm your registration.


In typical registration the system creates site which name is your site name. When you register by clicking on social networks icon the system creates site named "My website". Also 1 operator with specified name in the registration automatically will be created for receiving calls from your site.

If you want you can delete automatically created operator and create a new one by specifying name and e-mail that person who will receive calls from your own site.


2. Set the appearance of call button as you like

To do this click on the "Change button" link:

Setting up call button Step1 Excitel.png

Using the "Button editor" select the color, size and type of call button or just use ready template by clicking the "Select Template" link. If you want you can also change the text on the button.

Save your changes by clicking on the "Save" button.

Example of a modified button design:

changing button design.png


- If you selected button position “Left button” or “Right button” - insert html-code before end tag .

- If you selected button position “Button in text” you can insert code into block with contact information into feedback form.


3. Add the button for making calls on site

Copy the button code. To do this select it with the left mouse button (drag cursor to the bottom below the code to select the whole code) and press the key combination Ctrl + C.

Insert copied HTML-code before the closing tag .

List of articles about how to add Excitel call button for such CMS as Joomla, WordPress, 1C-Bitrix and various ways of adding this button you can find here.


4. Log into WebPhone or configure an account in SoftPhone for receiving calls from computer or smartphone via the Internet by operator or site manager.

  • For PCs and laptops we recommend to use the 3CXPhone softphone.

Do not forget that you need to connect a microphone and headphones for making calls from the computer.

  • For mobile phones based on Android operating system you can use a softphone CSipSimple. It requires only connection to Wi-Fi network.

  • You can also receive calls by IP-phone or smartphone via GSM-gate.

5. Test call from your site

Save changes on your site and check did the button appear on your site. If it appeares click on it and try to make call from your site.

Call page will look like this one:

making call from site.png


Additional settings

(which you may need using expanded functionality)

Configuring queue for receiving calls from site.

To configure queue for receiving calls from your site you must:


Create necessary operators on the "Operators" page:


creating new operator in Excitel.png


Move to the Websites page and select the operators from the list in that order in which you would like that they will receive calls from site:


adding operator to queue.png

Also note that it is possible to set comfortable time and queue settings for receiving calls by operators:

settings for receiving calls.png

Here you can configure:

  • the sequence of receiving calls by operators (in order or at the same time)

  • the time after which call will be directed to other operator (10, 20 or 30 seconds)

  • operators’ working time for receiving calls by them


Creating/adding new site in Excitel service

If you need to use 2 or more sites you can create it additionally on the "Websites" page by clicking on "Add new website" link:


adding new site.png


It remains only to enter the domain of your site and click on the "Add" button:

adding new website for receiving calls Excitel.png