How to add the call button to Joomla based website?

Developers from all over the world constantly replenish a huge collection of templates and extensions for Joomla based websites. We want to make the installing of call button in Joomla easy and therefore we offer you the module and directions on its setting up.

To add the call button to Joomla based website you need to follow the next steps:

1. Log in to your Excitel account.

2. Download the Joomla module Excitel — Click to call.

3. Log into your website admin panel and open the extensions manager:

Менеджер расширений Joomla 3.5.1

4. Download and install the downloaded archive with the module for online calls:

Установка плагина звонка с сайта Excitel click to call

After that the message about successful addition of the module will be dispalyed:

Успешная установка плагина Excitel click to call

5. Move to modules control and add new module:

Добавление модуля от Excitel в Joomla_1

6. Select the module “excitel-click-to-call”.

7. Type the name of the module and select any position of the call button on the page (for example, "debug"). Log in using user credentials of Excitel service:

Добавление модуля от Excitel в Joomla_3

8. Save changes by clicking "Save" or "Save & Close" button:

Сохранение настроек модуля от Excitel в Joomla

9. Activate the module:

Активация модуля от Excitel в Joomla

10. Go to your website home page to check if the Call appeared:

Кнопка звонка успешно добавлена на сайт

Now Excitel service works for you and allows your customers to contact you from anytime and anywhere in the world!


If you have any questions, just contact us using the feedback form.