Assessment of employees’ efficiency and customers’ loyalty as an integral part of business

Every company or enterprise executive is faced with the fact that he needed to assess his employees work quality. It is no less important to know what your customers think about the company. This information is necessary for making correct and timely decisions on employees’ bonus award or cancellation, to react to market changes correctly and in time, to assess the company’s status, to understand the business situation. Without such information it is very easy to lose the contact with employees and customers, which ultimately leads to ineffective work of the company and loss of market power.

Services quality assessment

It is absolutely necessary to monitor the customer care quality. Along with this, it is preferably to control the emotional loyalty of your customers (whether they are satisfied with the purchased products or services and are they ready to recommend company to their friends), be able to quickly detect their dissatisfaction and low loyalty root causes.

Follow these simple rules when estimating service quality:


  • Motivate customers to estimate the service quality;
  • Measure the number of clients who refused to estimate the service quality;
  • React to clients’ discontent as soon as possible;
  • Ask your clients simple and clear questions;
  • Link the service quality assessment with personnel incentive system.

Service quality control is a complex task that requires a lot of time and efforts and is too much for just one person. We understand that it’s really important to constantly keep finger on clients’ pulse to perform this task, and that is impossible without an effective "tool". That is why our specialists have developed and implemented the customers’ loyalty evaluation system. You do not need to install additional software or to hire specialists for performing of assessment – everything already exists in the Excitel platform and is integrated with the widget for calls called "Click2Call" from Excitel. Our service gathers and analyzes a large amount of information about the customers’ actions in a real-time mode, 24 hours a day. We analyze a lot of parameters and provide you with this information in the form of convenient reports. Thus, you will see a number of regular customers, how many customers put the product to the cart (or filled in a necessary form), how many of them called a manager, etc. You will also be able to track the trend of activities (their growth or downfall).

In addition our team has developed the service quality evaluation model. So you can get the most complete and timely information about the co-operation between employees and customers.

Employees’ work quality assessment

The staff evaluation is a procedure that allows identifying and measuring of business and personal qualities of employees, their performance and potential for the company. With proper development it will help you to identify the strengths of each employee, select the most valuable staff members, to evaluate the personnel efficiency. Very often such assessment does not equal the employees’ hopes because it's mostly one-eyed and the chief executive does not know all details of a particular employee’s working process. It is difficult for one person to have all information on the competence of each employee, especially if this enterprise is of medium or large size. Quite often such assessment may lead to different kinds of problems: starting from the squabbles and even up to dismissal of employees.

In order to avoid such problems and save a huge amount of time which may be used for other much more important tasks, the Excitel team has added a special system for employees’ working process assessment. It will help you to gather the necessary information about the personnel automatically. This means that you will not have to spend your precious time for data collecting; the system will do it for you.

When developing the algorithm of employees’ assessment we considered the next criteria: job title, responsibilities, daily working plan, the work quality, productivity and discipline at workplace. The working plan and its progress can be edited by each employee, you will only need to assess the performance on a scale from one to five.

The work quality means the work performance without any mistakes, while there may be small errors which can be fixed by the employee during the working process.

Productivity. Here is necessary to evaluate the amount of work which is performed within a certain period.

Discipline at workplace. Here you have to assess if the employee is reliable enough, if you may depend upon him, how often is he absent from office, whether for a good cause, etc.


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