Excitel tariff plans guide

Click-to-Call from Excitel is a mini-PBX that allows making calls from browser and provides internal corporative communication, accomplished specially with possibility of flexible configuration to correspond to your business needs most closely. In addition, to maximize the integration of the platform into your team work special system of tariff plans has been developed that allows you to choose the most convenient scheme of work for particular case. There are "Free", "Medium" and "Enterprise" plans. Let's find out what plan gives the best fit to your case.


  • "Free"

This tariff provides minimal functionality necessary for any kind of business: voice mail and callback request for your site visitors, call recording, call forwarding within the system, call history and call statistics, chat with option for file sharing. In addition, you can customize the button design and the greeting message that sounds when customer calls.

Under the plan, you can set one button on one site and manage calls with help of one operator. So, "Free" plan fully covers needs of small business - call logic is simple, but all basic functions are available.


  • "Medium"

This tariff plan is more suitable for the medium businesses telephonization, since the possible number of operators increases (up to 10 persons) and so the number of sites, where you can install the call button does (widget is available on two domains).

The basic functionality remains the same as in the "Free" plan, but number of functions grows.  There are functions for operators that facilitate the process of interaction with the client during the call – additional information about the caller via the API and option for sending forms (blanks) during a call will be available. Form is a questionnaire for the client, which operator can create in order to send it during the conversation with the user afterwards. Especially, this function will be useful for Internet stores because the forms allow to transfer an important data securely, save them and refer to them if necessary for ascertaining details.

It is important to mention that in the framework of the "Medium" plan user gets an advanced individual support. In case of arising some questions or issues concerning the Excitel service work you can easily connect us by phone.


  • "Enterprise"

The plan will be of interest for the large business that requires considerable service customization and configuration. So, you can connect your virtual phone number, or configure forwarding to a mobile phone using the GSM gateway. The quantity of available operators will become unlimited as well as the number of websites where you can install the call button.

This plan includes the functionality two previous tariffs provide. But in addition to the standard kit, we'll make a list of features that will be provided within the service, in accordance with your business needs. E.g. we can set up a flexible routing pursuant to your rules, or add another user interface language specifially for your team. We will discuss and agree on all the features and functions and provide telephony for your particular case.  

So, Excitel service provides a range of tariff plans for any business - small, medium and large. Analyze your company's needs and use the platform in a most effective way.


If you have any questions, please contact our support team.