How to save money using cloud telephony?


What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony or virtual PBX is a system of corporate telephony which allows making calls via internet and integrates all the phones into a single network. Virtual PBX replaces the physical office telephone exchange and even the call center (the hardware) and the customer gets a ready-made product to use.

Virtual PBX from Excitel is a software with a lot of useful functions: built-in statistics for all calls with the ability to analyze the number of missed and answered calls, conversation records storage, a welcome message for incoming calls, unique call logic setting up, voicemail, callback order and much more. The Excitel PBX is featured as a part of business automation systems and supports integration with all advanced CRM-systems; and this gives a bunch of new opportunities: you may see your client's personal data during the incoming calls, access to scoring system, the call can be automatically redirected to the responsible operator, access to the notifications calendar (to instantly inform customers about new special offers and services), etc. This solution provides maximum efficiency and payoff under the necessary adjustment of all business processes related to telephony and CRM. The number of ways and channels of interaction with customers increases every day. So, today you can grow your clients base through social networks, messengers, etc., that is why the communication with your customers should be supreme efficient and convenient both for sales performing and daily support.


What are the benefits of cloud telephony?

  • Calls directly from the PC: you will no longer need a landline phone. Having logged into your personal account from any PC, you are able to call your clients and colleagues directly from the browser;
  • The maximum number of useful tools for doing business: call records are stored in your personal account, the client's personal card is automatically displayed during the incoming call, etc.;
  • Personal call logic setting up, redirecting to mobile numbers and other necessary functions are available in a simple and understandable web-interface environment and do not require any special knowledge;
  • The opportunity to purchase virtual phone numbers in large cities and free numbers 8-800 SIP trunks as well;
  • Full statistics on calls with additional information about the caller.


Save money with Excitel!

Earlier it was necessary to install a telephone line or buy corporate mobile numbers for employees to connect a city number, now it is enough to have a computer and an internet connection. There is no need to place a PBX in your office as the equipment maintenance is very expensive and there could be electricity or signal breaks. Therefore, to protect data and ensure the system continuous operation we placed everything in the cloud. Let's find out why is cloud PBX convenient, beneficial and useful for you, what important business processes it can accelerate and facilitate:


  • Provide your team with reliable and high-quality connection;
  • Never lose your customers! Forget about missed calls; even if all operators are offline, the client will be able to leave a voice message or order a callback;
  • Improve the quality of service by monitoring your managers work;
  • Save on expensive equipment and maintenance personnel;
  • Reduce the cost on telephone and provide your company with free internal connection;
  • Be mobile! Travel and always stay online, do not miss any of important calls.


All this makes virtual PBX systems just an indispensable tool for any company. Our flexible price system lets you pay only for the functions used, while the cost of long distance and international calls is in most cases lower than in Skype for example.

And as a conclusion, we would like to say that even without specific terms and that technical details one can understand what is cloud telephony and why it is much more convenient, practical and more efficient than an outdated office landline system.


Order the virtual PBX from Excitel today and improve your business efficiency!