5 steps of successful cold calling sales

While people communicate via the Internet increasingly, telephone sales do not lose their relevance. Calls help to sell still and sell successfully. At the same time calls technical implementation is being modernized – now one can make calls directly from his/her browser, using only an Internet connection. While using calls from browser, as well as other calls, with the purpose to sell a product or service, you need to pursue certain script. No matter what to sell – cars or pens, the script will be approximately the same and consist of several stages.

Step 1. Make contact

At the beginning of the conversation you should introduce yourself – represent your name, position and the company you act for. As soon as you have made clear for the interlocutor whom he/she speaking with, it will be useful to ascertain the data – the company you call, name and position of person you are talking to.

Now it is important to ask the question that will interest and create desire to continue the conversation. Attract attention, let know that the conversation promises to offer something interesting. If your call appeared to be opportune, then ask how much time he or she is ready to devote to conversation on that topic as it is better to call back later than to make an offer to a person who is busy or in a hurry.

Step 2. Find out needs

Your goal is to make the customer happy by satisfying his needs by dint of your product. So first of all find out exactly what kind of needs there are. The better you understand what the client wants, seeks and expects, the better offer you can make. Perhaps the core of the proposal would not change, but any product can be presented from different perspectives, with focus on different features and benefits. Therefore, your task is to understand how your offer should sound in a given case quickly and precisely.

Step 3. Present the product

Based on the results of the previous step, couch the product presentation. Describe the product you offer simply but concisely, explain how it solves the problem client has, describe competitive advantages. It is important to emphasize. Before making the call study out the field company operates in and what characteristics of your product will arouse interest above all in the case. E.g. it will be better to especially accentuate the delivery speed for one client and the quality of materials for other. Your product presentation should adapt flexibly to different needs.

Step 4. Work at objections

It is difficult to create the perfect proposal and even after a successful presentation, the customer may have questions and objections. Maybe he will enounce them, and maybe not, and in that case you will fail. Therefore, the best solution is just to prevent objections. Analyze what questions and concerns your offer can arise and give them an answer immediately. If product price is higher than the average one – explain that your company uses materials of higher quality and employ the best specialists. If the delivery speed is less than usually – note that therefore it is free. And so on. There is an answer to any objection, it is just important seek to pre-empt.

Step 5. Fix the result

When you’ve made an offer that meets all needs and objection – fix the results with some sort of concrete agreement. Make an appointment, draw up an application, ask for delivery address. Giving the client the time for consideration is equivalent, most commonly, to miss him.

This manual is proven over time and there is no analogue that would be more effective. Based on this plan, you can draft more detailed call script foreseeing possible conversation scenarios and possible questions, and elaborate the most successful models of manager`s behavior.