Virtual PBX system from Excitel

Virtual PBX is a system for corporate telephony which allows you to make calls via browser and incorporates all company phones into one network. The system does not only manage all the calls within company, but also provides many additional functions. Such a system is also called IP-PBX, or simply PBX (Private Branch eXchange) . Nowadays business just cannot deal without high-quality and affordable communication and therefore PBX solution has become so popular in the field of corporate communications. And Excitel keeps up to the times offering its own PBX products.

PBX minimum functionality is presented in Excitel Click-to-Call widget. Thus, in addition to classic functions such as possibility to receive calls from site for more than one operator, to configure the type of dial-up and welcome message, options for receiving call back orders and voice messages, etc., the product presents a number of PBX features. These include call logic setting, calls recording, advanced call statistics, integration with other systems, call forwarding to mobile / landline phones. As a result, Click-to-Call enhanced functionality brings it to class of combined telephone solutions of new age.

Alongside with Click-to-Call service, which presents PBX functionality, Excitel team has implemented full PBX system too - Excitel Cloud PBX. The system accepts calls from the website and from your mobile and landline phone and SIP client, Viber, etc., from any country and from any device and is able to forward them similarly – on any device, in any country.

It will be more appropriate to call Excitel Cloud PBX “platform”, because it consists of a number of independently designed components with broad functionality.

To components Excitel Cloud PBX include the following blocks: 

1. WebPhone - the phone emulator; 

2. Click-to-Call - widget for calls from the site;

3. Сall window - web application that service call from the site;

4. Personal account.

Together, these components create complex PBX system with a wide range of functions. Below is a complete list of Excitel Cloud PBX functions (fully accessible under the annual subscription to service).

Calls management  
Unlimited number of incoming or outgoing calls per system Do not miss any of your customers.
Group-calling Lets you to involve multiple parties into your conversation.
Call back Thank to call back function you will be able to get orders even on weekends.
Calls recording Estimate your employees’ work and improve it each day.
Calls transfer Enables to relocate an existing telephone call to another phone.
Call queuing Allows your telephony system to answer more calls than you have extensions available, and holds them in a queue until someone is available to take their call.
Calls forwarding to internal numbers, WebPhone / SoftPhone / office IP-phone Redirects a telephone call to another destination or device.
DND / “Do Not Disturb” function Adds a tag to your account so that others know you do not want to be disturbed.
Central system phonebook Keeps all information about your customers in one place and makes it available for all employees.
Separate individual phonebook Keeps all information about your customers in one place and makes it personal.
Unannounced transfer Transfer a call directly to another party and complete the transfer without consulting with the receiving party.
Announced transfer Transfer a call to another party and remain on the line to talk to the other party before you complete the transfer.
Call tracking Records information about all incoming telephone calls.
Call logs Technical and statistical data about telephone calls.
Missed calls notifications Receive an alert for every missed call.
Supported protocols: SIP, WebRTC, RTMP  
GSM gateway connection Reduces expenses for mobile services.
Support calls from: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone  
Advanced user interface: Voicemail, possibility to set operator’s working hours Allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages. Set your working hours to manage time properly.
Additional sound customization: music on hold, welcome message, caller position notification, different ringtones for internal and external calls  
IVR menu (+ auto attendant)  
Extensions Assign internal number to each employee.
Custom routing rules (call flow) Create advanced call routing steps.
Built in Click-2-Dial Converts the phone numbers on webpages into clickable links.
Speed dialing Allows to place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys.
Embedded live chat with possibility to share files and forms Send necessary information, forms or questionnaires right during the conversation with customer.
Embedded WebPhone Client (browser based client) Be mobile and stay online – use your smartphones and tablets to work remotely.
Fax support Support fax messages receive.
LDAP A protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an IP network.
Desktop alarm Get instant notifications for calls or messages right on your desktop.
Technical support 24/7 We ensure a constant support to make working even more comfortable.
Calls history Check all conversations to improve the strategy of your business.
Callers data base Create your own customers data base.
Additional information about the caller Keep and use any necessary information about your customer to meet all his needs.
Blacklist Create your own list of blocked IP-addresses or phone numbers.
Call encryption Encodes messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it.
Call blocking Allows to block incoming calls from specific telephone numbers.
ANI routing Automatic number identification.
Voice channel encrypted with SRTP Protects RTP data.
New code for every call Even more protection to secure your business.
Public Excitel API platform  
CRM integration Integration with eCommerce, Magenta, any open CRM
Integration with any system  
High scalability Handle a number of simultaneous calls from different continents.
Self hosting  

So, Excitel offers modern businesses a flexible alternative - an integrated PBX solution Excitel Cloud PBX or the more compact Click-to-Call service with elements of PBX functionality.

Choose your business telephony option from Excitel with us. We'll define the best solution for you!