Advantages of online call via WebRTC

WebRTC is an OpenSource project which gives an opportunity to perform online calls in browser to soft-phone, another browser or mobile phone. WebRTC technology has an important task - to organize a voice and video communication, like another apps do: MSN Messenger, Skype and Yahoo Messenger. But they have one disadvantage, they require to download and install a software client in order to use all possible functions.


WebRTC is also great as it is already integrated into new versions of most popular web-browsers. It means that users do not have to download and install additional apps, they only need to click the button on your website. Online calls let the companies and enterprises to make better their conversation technique with customers. Just one click will give an opportunity to call and find out all the necessary information for free, from anywhere in the world, right now.


As a result the online conversion rate of your resource will increase as well as the orders quantity and the average check amount.


The future of WebRTC technology seems to be very promising. There are some hypotheses that more than 6 billion people will use this technology in 2016. This is an innovative and most profitable kind of online communication all over the world.

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