What is an IP-phone and what is it for?

IP-phone is a device that provides voice communication between remote users. It connects directly to the Internet and allows you to make calls via VoIP providers as by normal phone.

The IP-phone may look different: as an office or a desk phone with a handset and push-button dial for dialing or as IP-gateway with ports for connecting analog phones. A mandatory attribute is the presence of connector for connection to IP-network.

With the help of IP-phones you can talk to anyone at lower tariffs: to call to customers and suppliers, to communicate with employees from neighboring departments or offices in other cities, to call to relatives and friends.

How to connect your IP-phone to Excel service?

Excitel service allows to connect your equipment such as IP-phone or IP-gateway to virtual PBX configured by owner in cabinet. To make free calls in the network, you need to change the settings of your device to the operator data from the letter with the title "Settings of operator":


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