What is GSM gateway and how to use it?

To receive calls from website on mobile numbers and to make intracompany calls using the phone, you should connect the GSM gateway and insert the SIM card (you can use an existing number).

How can I use GSM gateway with cloud PBX?

  • to receive calls from the website on mobile numbers
  • to call customers on mobile numbers through the PBX

If you do not have a GSM gateway yet, then we suggest you to purchase GOIP gateway. You may use several relevant SIM cards and a multi-channel gateway.

You may choose one of the options depending on how many numbers you need:

  • GOIP-1 (1 SIM card, 1 GSM channel, 1SIP line) ~ $110 + $10/month
  • GOIP-4 (up to 4 SIM cards, 4 GSM channels, 4 SIP lines) ~ $360 + $10/month
  • GOIP-8 (up to 8 SIM cards, 8 GSM channels, 8 SIP lines) ~ $680 + $10/month

In this case PBX is set up in such a way that when you call from WebPhone or Softphone on the customer`s mobile number, the system directs the call to GSM gateway and then it redirects on a SIM card (identified by the code number).

Thus you will reduce costs and save on calls to customers, partners, and suppliers.


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