IP telephony variations

IP telephony is a method of transmitting data over the Internet with use of special technology which encodes the message and transmits it in a form of special packet. Excitel service allows to use different variations of IP telephony.

The main types of connection:

"Phone-to-phone". This mode of voice communication is quite convenient and it has high quality. Services providing such a cheap international connection perform all the necessary operations on the routing.

"Computer- to-phone". This type of connection is often used as a corporate network, which serves calls from the computer to the PBX or virtual PBX, and then the signals are transmitted through telephone network of general use. It helps to save money if you work with international calls. In this case there is no need to purchase any additional hardware, only a phone with tone dialing is necessary. Most of modern phones have an option for tone calling, so with IP telephony you can use them to make long-distance calls.

"WEB- to-phone". There are many ways to order long distance call, e.g. to use website. With our service you can get a call anywhere and compared to long distance calls rates it will be so much cheaper.