How to create forms and send them in WebPhone?

There is one more innovation in our service - forms. We'll show you now how to create them and why that is so useful.

You can create any form with various fields in accordance with the task at hand (e.g., booking form, contact form, payment form). Send them using the WebPhone live chat. This will allow you to get all the necessary data from the client quickly without sending any additional documents or fill-out forms via email.

How to create the form?

You can find “Forms” tab in your Cabinet:

рис 1

Choose “Add new form” to create a new form:

рис 2

After that enter the name of the form and click “Create”.

рис 3

Now you have a new form which needs certain settings. Click on the configuration icon (the one in the form of spanner) to start setting the from up:

рис 4

Now you are in the form Designer:

рис 5

Here you need to add all the required fields for the form. For that click on the necessary field and drag it to the left:

рис 6

As a result this field will appear on the left side of the page. To change this field, click on the spanner icon:

рис 8

Enter the required name for the field and click “Okay”:

рис 9

After adding all the necessary fields for the form, save changes by clicking “Save form”:

рис 11


Submitting forms via WebPhone

So, the form is created.  Now it can be sent to the client in chat right during the call.

How to do that? Start with authorization in WebPhone:

рис 12

Click on the call button on your website:

рис 13

Answer the call via WebPhone and start the chat:

рис 14

Then click on the icon of the form:

рис 15

Select the necessary form:

рис 16

To submit the form to the client, click “Add form in the chat”:

рис 17

Then this form will appear in the client’s chat window:

рис 18

After filling out all data, the client clicks “Send” button and transmits the completed form back to the operator:

рис 19

After that, the operator can see all data in the chat:

рис 20

To log out and end the call, the operator needs to click on the chat icon:

рис 21

Use Click-to-Call forms and make your communication with clients more comfortable!


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